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The Best Window Treatments for Beach Houses

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Beach homes, like all homes, need window treatments. But if your home is on the coast, you have different needs with more items to address. Beach homes encounter humid air from the sea and salty sea water that must be accounted for. So as to ensure you have long-lasting and durable window treatments that can stand up to these environmental factors. You need the functionality, the style, and the correct types of materials for the best choice in window treatments for your Virginia Beach home. Read on to find out about the best window treatments for beach houses in Virginia Beach from Coastal Elite Window Coverings.

Top 3 Window Treatment Options

Your top 3 options for window coverings on a beach house include shutters, blinds, and shades. With each being made of specific materials to last you for years to come while giving you many other benefits.

plantation shutters for beach house

Indoor plantation shutters may be your best choice for a coastal home. They give you the most options in lighting control and heat gain for your home. Especially if you have windows facing the coastline on the east side of Virginia Beach. Shutters can match any decor style, from traditional to coastal or transitional, and anywhere in between. Shutters give your home an instant upgrade to appear beautiful and timeless as one of the most classical styles of window shading systems.

You can adjust your lighting in the most ways possible with shutters. You can close the shutter panels and the louvers for privacy, energy efficiency, and security. Tilt the louvers open for filtered lighting in which you get precise control to let some natural sunlight in. You can direct it anywhere from down low in a room to up high while still cutting out glare from the sunlight. When you swing open your shutter panels, you get an unobstructed view of your beautiful outdoor scenery, with the waves crashing on the shoreline in a mesmerizing scene.

Real wood shutters don’t hold up well in hot and humid areas. But Polywood is the material of choice for house window treatments. These materials are treated to resist cracking, bowing, bending, breaking, or discoloring. Even in the bright morning sunshine in your windows. Choose Polywood manmade custom shutters for a perfect fit in a superior product that will withstand the humidity and salty air.

blinds for beach house

Window blinds are another excellent option for your beach home’s window treatments. You have many options for the materials of your blinds, such as honeycomb blinds for the best energy efficiency. These are blinds with little cells shaped like a bee’s honeycomb in the middle of two sheets of fabric. They trap the warm air next to your windows in the summer and keep the heat out of your indoor spaces. You can also get filtered lighting control by tilting the veils on your blinds for natural lighting inside without the sun’s glare.

Faux wood blinds look the same as wooden blinds, with the added beauty of the wood grain for added interest. Faux wood blinds are treated with the same type of products as Polywood shutters. They are made to be long-lasting and durable in the heat and humidity of beach homes.

Aluminum blinds are now available in many different colors and tones to match your decor. They can filter light and add color to your rooms. Choose any blinds you wish in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The vertical blinds work exceptionally well in your large windows that overlook the seaside.

Window shades are made from fabric, which gives you an almost unlimited amount of choices not only in colors, patterns, and thicknesses. But also customizations to fit your needs in every window. Roller shades don’t have vanes to filter light. But you can choose a light-filtering fabric to achieve the same lighting control when the shades are down.

Custom shades can blend in with their surroundings in a neutral color to let other aesthetics in your home take center stage. Or they can add a bright pop of color, interest, and texture to windows in monochromatic rooms.

Indoor plantation shutters are your best choice for coastal window treatments that are best for your home or business for a variety of reasons. They rank #1 for all the following factors.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Coastal Window Treatments

Your most significant concerns for window treatments in beach houses are durability, water resistance, UV ray protection, and style and design capabilities.


Your window treatments should be durable and long-lasting, so you don’t need to replace them often, if ever. Polywood shutters and faux woods are the market’s most durable and long-lasting window treatments. They are made to be the last window shading product you will ever need to purchase. And they are generally guaranteed for life.

Water Resistance

Beach house window treatments need to be water-resistant. Especially if your windows are open to catch a nice breeze and it is high tide. Any waves splashing through the screens and the humidity associated with them won’t harm your window treatments. This is also important in case something splashes on your shading system. You can easily clean it off without causing harm to your beautiful window treatments.

UV Protection

Your beach window treatments need light-blocking capabilities. So harmful UV rays don’t enter your home to cause heat gain and deteriorate your indoor textiles. Bright sunlight shining on your flooring, furniture, and other furnishings inside will fade them and cause premature wear and tear. Which leads to your needing to replace the items sooner.

Style and Design

Beach window treatments should not only be highly functional. But you should have options in the style and design to match your decor and be an extension of yourself with your personality in mind.

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