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Formerly known as Premier Shutters & Blinds of Va, we are locally owned and operated with over 35 years of combined experience! We have expanded our selection of high quality window coverings to provide our customers with the superior options for their homes deserve. In doing so we decided a new name will convey our dedication to providing Tidewater with the best the industry has to offer. O’Hare, Alta, Graber and Southern are among the products we are proud to offer our customers. Coastal Elite Window Coverings encompasses everything we are!

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Who are we then? Stephanie Scott and Dylan Altman are your design and installation team!

Stephanie started in the family business at 17 learning how to make blinds. With an expert eye for what can accentuate the look and feel of your home, she will take the time necessary to fully understand what our customer’s vision is for their home. She is always eager to educate and inform her customers to help guide their choices to ultimate satisfaction. Stephanie’s friendly and knowledgeable demeanor helps relieve the stress of making the right choice for your home.

Dylan is an expert installer. Working and training with seasoned installers over the years, he has learned the nuances of custom installation. The little things make a big difference! Dylan has a commitment to every customer to not only make sure their custom window coverings look great, but also to ensure they are happy with the end result. A former teacher, he enjoys educating customers to help ensure proper use and longevity out of their investment in window treatments. Dylan is often complimented as the first person to actually explain how things work to his customers.

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