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An Investment You will never Regret

Custom-made aluminum mini blinds offer a sleek, elegant look. Choose from 1/2″ microblinds, 1″ mini blinds, and 2″ blinds (available with decorative tapes for a retro look).

These aluminum window blinds are made from either 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. Eight gauge aluminum is useful where durability and performance matter, such as in kids rooms. Our mini blinds have crash-proof cord locks, a baked-on enamel finish, and are an excellent choice for better light control and privacy. The no-holes option, available on some, provide even better light blockage and insulation. Some have built-in contoured headrails, which are so sleek that they eliminate the need for a valance.

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To schedule an in-home consultation,

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To schedule an in-home consultation,

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