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Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Your Virginia Beach Home

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Benefits of Installing Plantation shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are not only a timeless and classic choice for window treatments. But they are also a trendy choice in home design and are very beneficial in Virginia Beach. They are long-lasting and durable while giving you many great benefits on the East Coast. Read on to learn about the benefits of installing plantation shutters in your Virginia Beach home with Coastal Elite Window Coverings.

The 4 Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters

Installing window treatments in any home is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it performs many different duties for you. They not only help with your lighting control and heat gain. But also gives you privacy, and should be energy efficient as well as durable and long-lasting.

  1. Energy efficiency
    Interior shutters help to regulate the temperature in your home all year round. In the warmer months of summer, you can close your shutter panels and the louvers to block out heat, sunlight, and harmful UV rays. This traps the warm air next to your windows, so it doesn’t enter your indoor spaces. And allows you to use less air conditioning to keep your home cool as a highly energy-efficient window covering. This is especially important to block the morning sunlight streaming in your windows that face east to the coastline.
    In the winter, you can open the louvers on your plantation shutters to let in some sunshine and natural lighting. Warming your home with the sun’s rays to use less heat inside to maintain a comfortable temperature inside while using less electricity. If it’s pretty cool in the winter, closing the shutter panels and louvers will trap the cold air next to the window and keep your home warmer.
  2. Privacy and security
    Indoor plantation shutters give you privacy in your home. When you have the shutter panels, and the louvers closed, you get the ultimate privacy. This is because of the design where the louvers overlap each other when closed. This doesn’t allow anyone to see inside your home from the outside. Thus making plantation shutters an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms to protect your privacy.
    You also get an added layer of security for your home when your shutters are closed tightly. If no one can see inside, they don’t know if you are home. This is an excellent deterrent to thieves who will usually scope out your home before entering it. As they won’t be able to tell if you are home or what type of valuables you have that they may want. It’s proven that if a burglar can’t see inside your home, they will move on to an easier target. This makes plantation shutters an integral part of your home’s security.
  3. Durability and maintenance
    The construction of indoor shutters makes them the most durable product for your window treatments. They are made of natural hardwood or manufactured Polywood in vinyl shutters that withstand many years of opening and closing them with no harm to the integrity. These shutters hold up very well with homes with children and pets as they can take some abuse without faltering in their form or function. They don’t damage easily as window blinds or curtains do. If one louver should need repairs for some reason, you only need to replace that one small piece at a nominal fee instead of the entire window covering. Plantation shutters require very little maintenance to keep them in tip-top and pristine condition. You use a feather duster to keep them clean and dust-free. And if something splashes on them, you can spot-clean them with a slightly damp cloth to look new again. The durability and low maintenance speak for themselves in plantation shutters. They generally carry a lifetime warranty and will last you a lifetime without ever needing to replace them.
  4. Aesthetics
    These plantation shutters are perfect for interior aesthetics and curb appeal from outside your home. You can choose the mounting orientation, which will dictate how they look when closed and opened. Many popular styles are available, such as the cafe style. Which is an excellent choice for windows that don’t get a lot of heat and sunlight in which only the bottom half of the window is covered. The tier-on-tier style gives you the most lighting options possible. It consists of a set of two shutter panels side by side on the top half of the window and another set of two side by side on the bottom half. With each set operating independently of the other. You can open and close and tilt the louvers separately on all four panels. Or swing them all open to see the beautiful views of the ocean without any part of the window being covered. Custom plantation shutters also allow you to choose any color of stain to match other items in your home. Such as woodwork, flooring, or cabinets, or any paint color of your choosing to match your decor seamlessly.


Choosing plantation shutters for your Virginia Beach home gives you the most options in how they appear and provides you with a low-maintenance and durable product to last for years. You can also reap the benefits of excellent lighting control and energy efficiency for your home all year round, so they pay for themselves quickly. If you want window treatments that will never need replacing and will always be elegant in their style, you should consider custom plantation shutters..

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